The Amazing Bill Starr 5×5 Program


The Bill Starr LP (Linear Program) was originally created by Bill Starr in 1976 in his book ‘Strongest Shall Survive, Strength Training for Football’. Bill Starr was a former Olympian and Olympic Team Coach and was an original York Barbell pioneer in the 1950’s.

The Starr-Man is said to be one of a handful of coaches responsible for shaping the way Strength & Conditioning training is as we see it today.

If you want to learn more about Bill you can read this article from, a paragraph like this does not do justice to this great man and I wish I could write more.

The program I have reviewed is not the original Bill Starr 5×5 1976 program, it is a variation of it that’s better suited for powerlifters. But the basic framework of the Bill Starr 1976 style program is applied.


Program Pro’s and Con’s

Very simple to use and followIncludes irrelevant Olympic lifts for powerlifters
Sufficient volume to create a strength adaptation for novice liftersLacks in variation and accessory exercises
Great squat and pressing frequency for a novice lifter’sToo much rowing and not enough deadlifting.
Follows a logical linear intensity overload progressionlacks intensity
Allows sufficient rest and recovery between training sessions. The program could easily be eight weeks not ten

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