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This program has one of the two options (8 or 16 week) designed by Calgary Barbell’s Bryce Krawczyk. Bryce is an exceptional powerlifter who competes drug-free and has set and broken many records over his years of powerlifting.

He is very easy to spot as he’s the guy with loads of tattoos and massive ear spacers. Bryce set a 385kg/849lb IPF Open World Record Deadlift in 2021 proving again he knows what he’s doing and he’s at the top of his game. If you want to follow Calgary and Bryce this is the link to Calgary’s website, YouTube and Bryce’s Instagram.


I would rate the 16 week program as the BEST free intermediate powerlifting program currently available. It has all the makings of a great intermediate powerlifting program, I would need 5000+ words to properly commend this program and it’s design.

It has variation, frequency, volume, specificity, lift tempo indicators, R.P.E ratings, percentages of 1RM, a fantastic selection of accessory and assistance exercises, and A LOT of pause work which I am a massive fan of in powerlifting programs.

Very view intermediate programs include pause variation’s for the squat, bench and deadlift. Pause rep’s are great for smashing plateaus.

Therefore, I wont do a ‘Pro’s and Con’s’ table as I struggle to find any noteworthy ‘Con’s’/negatives that I believe would stop an intermediate lifter from running this program.

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