The Famous Free GreySkull LP Prak Variant Program

Picture Credit: John Sheaffer

GreySkull Phrak Excel Spreadsheet

GreySkull LP Phrak Variation Introduction

GreySkull Linear Program’s (LP) founding routes are pretty well known by now, but to cut a long story short the founder of the program Johnny Pain (John Sheaffer) ran the program ‘Starting Strength’ and found it completely subpar and lacking in many ways. John therefore John set out to rectify this by creating his own program that he believed corrected the issues he found with Starting Strength. Thus giving birth to the GreySkull LP. If you want the original material and Sheaffer program you can purchase it from Amazon which will give you more detailed information on GreySkull by clicking on the link below.

The Phrak variation is a very well circulated variation of the original GreySkull LP amongst the powerlifting community online. I choose this program because I believe it has a better selection of accessory exercises and the excel spreadsheet is very well designed and easy to follow.

Program Pro’s and Con’s

1) The spreadsheet is easy to follow and well designed1) Complete lack of deadlift volume
2) Fantastic selection of accessory exercises2) Lacks in squat accessory exercises
3) Low likelihood of overtraining leading to the burnout3) incorporates AMRAP as a solution to rectify the issue of lack for volume
4) Squatting twice a week4) OHP pressing twice a week for 4 out of the eight weeks
5) Allows for the lifter to reset if they miss a set or rep5) Lacks in intensity and volume specificity
6) High exercise selection specificity6) Allows for 72+ hours recovery betwen training session

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