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GZCLP is the official name for Cody LeFever’s Linear Progression program. GZCL is Cody’s screen name on Reddit plus LP which stands for linear progression. GZCL is split into three different Tiers.

I highly recommend this program for intermediate lifters who are seeking to pursue a more ‘powerbuilding’ style program for the first time. The following are the three tiers for GZCL Method programs:

Tier 1 – Main Movements: Competition lifts at 85-100% of Goal weight for 5×3/6×2 and 10×1 (bench press, squat, deadlift)

Tier 2 – Primary Exercises: Variations on the competition lifts and other compound exercises at 65-85% of 1RM goal for 3×10/3×8/3×6 (front squat, close grip bench press, overhead press, deficit deadlift)

Tier 3 – Secondary Accessories: Hypertrophy isolation based exercises focusing on select muscle groups to maintain and improve joint heath, build muscle, and develop endurance. This is less than 65% of goal weight for 3×15+ or 4×12+.

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GZCLP is classed a beginners program, however, the program I am reviewing designed by  v4.1by /u/blacknoir on Reddit falls more into the intermediate powerlifter program category.

Yes, it is linear progression which is a common trait of a novice program, however, this program includes a lot of variation, works off your five rep max, and is split into two training blocks. I would say a Novice Lifter would be better suited to my Novice recommended programs.

I found this program on this thread on Reddit and it is by far the best GZCLP program variation I have come across online for free. If you want to find out more about GZCLP this is the Reddit community , this link is to Cody’s Instagram, and this is for Cody’s YouTube.

Program Pro’s and Con’s

Includes a larger selection of variations on the main lifts to choose from for Tier 2 exercises.Instructions are very disorganized and unhelpful at times.
Exercises are organized into three logical tiers making the program easier to follow. There is not enough cells available for 10×1 weeks.
Offers a default and modified rep scheme to choose from enabling users to run this program many times without getting bored. PLUS – the variation helps to create consistent strength adaptions. There’s a lot of FLUFF (unnecessary crap) filling up this program that isn’t required.
The program is linear but flexible, if you fail to achieve the base number of reps or fail to achieve any additional reps on AMRAP you reset reps, intensity and restart the following week. Too much focus is placed on volume and hypertrophy – bordering on a ‘Powerbuilding’ program.
Offers a great selection of exercises for all three tiers.Lack of variations on the deadlift exercise for Tier 2.
Allows you to be flexible in increments in weight or just use a default for each lift. Weight is based off 85% of your 1RM or 5RM, this reduces the intensity gravely. You might struggle to experience frequent strength adaptations thus stuck running this program for quite some time.
Its an engaging program that can be run multiple times with joy. The Retest/Reset weeks in the program creates inconsistences and confusion and conflict with other tiers sometimes.

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