Ivysaur 4-4-8 appeared like so many other program’s on Reddit’s /r/fitness community by /u/ivysaur. The Ivysaur 4-4-8 Beginner Program was designed to expand and build upon the popular ‘set of five’ style training offering an alternative repxset scheme compared to the likes of; Stronglifts 5×5, Starting Strength, Bill Starr 5×5 and Madcow 5×5.

Not too much is known about the /u/ivysaur on Reddit, however, it’s a fantastic beginner program for novice powerlifter’s. So who cares! Unlike StrongLifts Medhi who decided to share everything about his life with exception to his shoe size.

I LOVE this program – I believe it’s the best ‘cookie cutter’/’copy and paste’ style novice powerlifting program offered for free. Which is why below you’ll see more pro’s than con’s.

Programs Pro’s and Con’s

Easy to use and follow spreadsheet! no B.S!Program runs for 30 weeks! this is too long.
Perfect squat and Bench Press Frequency.Even with extra credit options – it will get boring.
Higher volume that 5×5 programs – 4×8 once per week ensures sufficient volume to create weekly strength adaptions for linear programs.Too much overhead pressing for a Powerlifter.
Offers extra credit options if you find it too easy.Risk of fatigue due to high volume without using the ‘Training Max’ principle.
Limits AMRAP to just one session per week and excludes the Deadlift from AMRAP (this is a good thing!).It does not suggest any variation exercises or assistance exercises.
Doesn’t have you doing excessive amounts of rowing, instead includes a fantastic pulling accessory lift: CHIN-UPS.
Increased deadlift volume and frequency compared to other novice powerlifting programs.

Original 4-4-8 Program Picture

The 4-4-8 Template

This program offers something different than the typical Novice “do your five’s” style training. Which let’s face it has been done to death!

This program offers volume, varying rep schemes of 4 sets of 4, 4 sets of 8 and 3 sets of 4 plus one set of ‘as many reps as possible’. In addition, offers some alternative options IF the program becomes too easy and you reach a strength plateau. It’s very simple and easy to use which makes it ideal for a novice lifter new to powerlifting. In addition, it provides a balanced training frequency of three days per week allowing sufficient time to rest and recovery between training sessions. The progression rates are sensible and won’t lead to overtraining and burning out. Meaning your less likely to stall early on and ‘hit a wall’. You add 5 pounds (2.5 kilograms) for the overhead press, 10 pounds (5 kilograms) for the bench press and Pendlay rows, then 15 pounds (7.5 kilograms) for the squat and deadlift.

f you enjoyed this review I highly appreciate any donation’s as I do all my reviews for free and for the joy of helping others. Good Luck with the program and lifting. Kind Regards, Johnny.

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