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Johnnie Candito is a fantastic powerlifter, I’ve always admired his impressive pound for pound strength whilst competing as a drug-free athlete. In addition, Johnnie has a gift at coaching powerlifters and creating great free powerlifting programs for all to enjoy.

His program’s are highly rated and used by hundreds of thousands of lifters around the world. I rate this 6 week intermediate as one of the best free powerlifting programs currently on the market. It’s a great program for an early stage novice lifter transitioning from novice to intermediate.

If you want to find out more about Johnnie and follow his career this is his Website, YouTube and Instagram .


Program Pro’s and Con’s

It’s only six weeks! Too much volume per set in OT (over-training) phase.
Split into six phases introducing early stage intermediate lifters to block periodization programming. Over prioritizes pressing and lacks in squat and deadlift volume, especially in later phases.
Allows for customization (you can choose accessory lifts).I don’t believe that the ‘back off squats’ principle belongs in a powerlifting program.
Includes variation which is needed to create a strength adaptation. Too much volume for accessory and assistance and optimal exercises.
Includes conditioning and hypertrophy as well as strength and high intensity training. The program feels crammed and rushed, it should ideally be 12 weeks.
Frequency of training matches intensity in each phase.
A high degree of specificity focusing on the three key lifts throughout the program.
Unlikely to experience Overtraining or CNS (central nervous system fatigue).

Program Spreadsheet

YouTube Video Review/Tutorial

if you enjoyed this review I highly appreciate any donation’s as I do all my reviews for free and for the joy of helping others. Good Luck with the program and lifting. Kind Regards, Johnny.

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