Stephan Korte the creator of the Korte 3×3 program was a German powerlifting coach in the 1990s. He coached IPF Lifter Junior World Champions such as; Ralf Gierz and Michael Bruegger. Stephan was a single ply lifter who coached other single ply lifters.

Therefore I must state this program was really designed with Ply equipped lifter’s in mind rather than Raw lifters. However, it has been used by many raw lifter’s including myself.

This program is massively influenced by Olympic weightlifters and follows the Eastern European style of weightlifting. Which means high frequency and basically no assistance exercises. Korte believed you must practice your competition form to perfect your competition form.

This is the link to the original program source and the old school HTML coding and website design is quite amusing. I personally would not run this program again and is not a intermediate program I rate highly.


Program Pro’s and Con’s

Split into two well designed phases of Phase 1; volume Phase 2; intensityPhase 1 volume and frequency might be too much for most lifters leading to the risk of Overtraining and fatigue.
Phase 2 includes one volume training session per week per lift to make up for the lack of volume. Frequency of training is too high in phase two given the intensity of 80-95% of 1RM.
High specificity towards just powerlifting and the competition lifts. No accessory, assistance exercises of variation.
Work off your projected max instead of 1RM which will push the lifter harder. Boringly simple for most lifters.
Perfect for ply equipped lifters who like high frequency training. Working off the projected Max (PM) is a gift and a curse; if you put too high of a PM you will over-train and burnout quickly!
It give you plenty of details about how to run this program in practice.

Excel Program Download

YouTube Video


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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