The Best nSuns 5/3/1 Linear Program Review


This is one of the few great things to come out of the internet, especially Reddit which is full of people who think they know everything about everything! Under the name of nSuns 531 on Reddit this training program appeared.

It has quickly risen in the ranks of powerlifting programs and has been downloaded and used by many lifters. Very little is known about this mysterious nSuns character, he’s the dark night of powerlifting.

However, nSuns has posted a number of strength and powerlifting programs on Reddit over the past few years and they all seem to be very popular and in high demand. There’s even a sub-forum on Reddit dedicated to nSuns 5/3/1.

nSuns 5/3/1 is a hybrid amalgamation of both Jim Wendlers 5/3/1 and Sheiko Programs . nSuns took the 5/3/1 concept from Wendler along with the Training Max and training frequency then merged it with Sheiko’s high volume training.

Although one might think because the two styles of training (Wendler vs Sheiko) are so vastly different merging them together would be a disaster….HOWEVER, it actually works! Yes the seemingly opposing concepts complement one another.


The combination of these two types of training styles has led to the creation of the new fad “Powerbuilding”.

Program Pro’s and Con’s

Sufficient volume to create a strength adaptation for intermediate lifters.the Rep schemes are a mind f#ck – bring a pen and paper to training sessions!
Offers 4, 5 and 6 day templates with a squat or deadlift focus six day.Weekly TM increases to create a strength adaption is too much of an ask for most intermediate lifters.
Includes assistance training options. I dislike the “how many reps on achieve the AMRAP set” determines how much you increase your TM weekly concept.
Includes a degree of variation from the main competition lifts (close grip press, incline press, front squat, sumo deadlift, OHP).The original spreadsheet offered NO assistance exercise examples or dropdown list options. I inputted a sheet containing options for you to choose.
Achieves the balance between frequency, intensity and volume by using the TM unlike Sheiko. The deadlift routine in the 4 and 5 day sheets lack in volume and training variation.
Very easy to follow and use template spreadsheet.If you want to do volume training then run Sheiko, if you want frequency and max training run a Wendler program.
A fantastic pressing routine in the 5 and 6 day options!

Excel Spreadsheet Document

YouTube Video Tutorial

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