JH Mass Building Program

This program is a six week program designed and used by Johnny Hazell and his clients, you consists of a “Standard Routine” and an “Advanced Routine”. The program incorporates a range of training principles and methods to stress the muscles and create muscular hypertrophy. The program has a training frequency of five days per week and you train all muscle groups once a week but with intensity and volume.

This program incorporates ‘Drop-sets’, H.I.T training (Dorian Yates style training), pump sets and ‘Undulated Strength Training’. This ensures the muscles are put under enough stress to create muscle size and mass and definition in a six week period.

Training Schedule

DAY 1Back
DAY 2Chest
DAY 3Rest
DAY 4Legs
DAY 5Shoulder & Arms
DAY 6Rest and Light Cardio
DAY 7Rest

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