JH 5RM Novice Linear Program


This program is fantastic for Novice lifters, the program works off your 5 rep max and lasts for eight weeks. You train three times per week which allows sufficient time for you to recover during sessions.

You squat and bench press three times per week, and deadlift once a week. However, you have two pulling variation exercises (Pendlay Row and Rack Pulls) which will assist your deadlift to grow during the eight weeks. The results of this program vary from person to person, however for a Novice lifter the below is the average of what my clients achieve:

  • Squat: 30 kilograms
  • Bench Press: 17.5 kilograms
  • Deadlift: 30 kilograms

However this will vary based on gender, weight, experience, natty or not, and genetics. The above is an average calculation, it might be less. However, YOU WILL increase your one rep max personal best.

Program Overview

Tier one exercises are your main lifts, the competition lifts, then the tier two exercises are your variation/Accessory exercises which compliment the tier one exercises and provide that additional volume and break through sticking points. Tier three exercises are assistance exercises designed for hypertrophy but also isolate smaller muscles and build strength in them.

1Bench PressBench PressBench Press
1Pendlay RowRack PullsDeadlift
2OHPRDLFront Squats
3Press Assistance ExercisePull Assistance ExercisesLeg Assistance Exercises

Percentages and Rep Schemes

Below shows the programs fixed rep schemes and percentages, they don’t charge during the eight week program.

Monday if your medium intensity day, your top set week one is your 5RM, however, from week two onwards it’s Friday’s top set weight performed for 1 set of 4 plus the selected weight increment.

Wednesday is the light day, you are performing Mondays 2nd, 3rd, 4th set and 1 set of eight reps at 65%+ of your 5RM. This is your volume set for the workout at low intensity.

Friday is your heavy day, you are demonstrating your strength adaptation on Friday’s by hitting a new top heavy single set and hitting a new PR on your top set which is Mondays top set plus the weight increment.

The rest days between each session IS FOR RECOVERY!! Do not do any resistance training, light cardio is OK, however, keep it light, no metabolic or sprinting training.

1×5FRI 1×4 wgt x1×4Mon Top Set + Increment
 x x x x1×11RM+INCREMENT


  • Firstly enter your TRUE five rep max in the ‘ENTER 5RM’ sheet
  • Choose your weight increment amount on the ‘ENTER 5RM’, I personally would recommend sticking with the default the first time you run this program.
  • On the ‘PROGRAM’ sheet you need to choose your ‘Assistance Exercises’ in the drop down list based on what you would like to do.
  • Then input the weight your can perform for 4 sets of 10 reps (it should not be to complete failure, choose a weight with 1-2 reps in the bank).
  • Don’t skip any sets, try to stick to the prescribed number of sets and weight.

Best of luck with the program, message via Instagram or comment below if you have any questions.

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