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Brandon Lilly


The cube method was created by a powerlifter called Brandon Lilly, he is by far one of the greatest powerlifters (raw and geared). From my knowledge his max raw lifts were 650.3lb Squat, 600lb Bench, and 815.7lb Deadlift and totaled 2000lbs on many occasions.

Unfortunately due to a career ending injury he no longer competes and his Instagram seems to focus more on hunting deer than strength training. The Cube Method was built on the foundation of ‘back to basics’ and would be considered the “old skool” way of training focusing on the main lifts; squat, bench press, and deadlift and it has three training efforts:

  1. Heavy Day
  2. Explosive Day
  3. Rep-based Bodybuilding Day

The program is nine weeks and split into three waves lasting three weeks. The Cube Method Ebook can be found on Amazon or JTS Strength. What I love about this program is that it was designed for powerlifter’s by a world class powerlifter.

Whilst Brandon was training at Westside Barbell, he became a little disillusioned with bands and chains and the overreliance on equipped gear such as compression suits, wraps and specialist barbells.

As a result Lilly returned to the roots of powerlifting and wanted to created a training protocol that was simple but effective without all the Westside ‘fluff’. You can still see some influence from Westside Barbell in the program, however, not to the same extent.

It’s a simple program to follow, not bells or whistles, but it get’s the job done and is a fantastic strength program! See my YouTube video below for a walkthrough tutorial on how to use the program.

YouTube Tutorial

Program Purchase

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