My Improved Variant of GreySkull LP Prak Program

Introduction to GreySkull LP

GreySkull Linear Program’s (LP) founding routes are pretty well known by now, but to cut a long story short the founder of the program Johnny Pain (John Sheaffer) ran the program ‘Starting Strength’ and found it completely subpar and lacking in many ways.

Johnny therefore set out to rectify this by creating his own program that he believed corrected the issues he found with Starting Strength.

Iv’e reviewed in the past a ‘Prak Variant’ of the original GreySkull LP in the past, however, I found flaws with the program which inspired me to create my own variant.

The GreySkull LP program is popular due to it’s simplicity and the use of the final set Max Rep technique. It is a fantastic Novice program and can be run for up to eight weeks continuously as it works of a Training Max (90% of your 1RM) and has you raining only three days per week.

Benefits of the JH Variant

  1. Iv’e designed a Pounds and Kilograms version
  2. Improved selection of Secondary Accessory lifts; not just Rows and Chin-ups!
  3. Increased Deadlift volume, not just 1 set of 5 reps which is ridiculous!
  4. Removal of the silly and dated ‘Neck Harness’ exercise
  5. More flexibility in terms of weight increments
  6. Eight week duration rather than six weeks
  7. I provide an in depth analysis on how to use the spreadsheet
  8. Removed the original ‘chin-ups everyday’ concept to just once a week (I replaced Chin-ups with Supinated Grip Pull-ups)
  9. The JH Variant is more geared towards Strength Training

YouTube Tutorial Video

Download Program

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