Johnnie Candito

Program Key Points

There are three programs within the spreadsheet, choose the program that best suits your training goals. You add from 0-10lbs each week IF you complete all sets and reps for the main lifts (exercises that are not in italics).

Add 5lbs (2.5kg) for the pressing exercises and 10lbs (5kg) for the Deadlift, Pendlay row and Squat. The Chin-up and Dips weekly linear progression should be approached with caution! Make sure the reps are with proper form and technique! No cheat reps or quarter reps.

The Candito Linear Program is best suited for beginner/novice lifters however more experienced lifters could tailor and adjust this program to fit their level.

If progress stalls and the user hasn’t make any linear progression in over three weeks then change program as this is a sign the user has plateaued.

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