Calgary Barbell 16 Week Program JH Variant

Introduction to Calgary Barbell JH Variant

If you have found this program then you already know what Calgary Barbell is and who’s Bryce Krawczyk. Therefore, I won’t go into a long drawn out explanation to improve SEO like some other websites.

This is by far one of my favorite powerlifting Periodized Block based programs on the internet! It is specific, focused, organized, and to the point with no unnecessary rubbish. I will do my variant of the eight-week program soon but for now I’ve only focused on the sixteen-week program.

What I have done to the original program is remove a lot of the RPE training and replaced with percentages. This is because I personally don’t follow the RPE training principle nor do I like it.

In addition, I’ve replaced some exercises with ones I believe are better suited for the percentages used. For example, performing Deficit Deadlift’s with 84% of your 1RM is not a smart move! Whereas Rack Pulls from Mid Shin position is a far smarter exercise for this percentage especially if you wish to have a lower back for the next week!

YouTube Tutorial

Calgary JH Variant Program

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