About Me

Johnny Hazell

Hello! I am Johnny a powerlifting, gym owner, and fitness coach and online fitness personality. I have been weightlifting for Fifteen years, it’s my passion, my career and my job in life. Five years I had a developed a strange obsession and subsequent gift for designing, reviewing, and creating powerlifting and strength programs.

Since then I have written hundreds of programs for weightlifters, reviewed many free online programs and coached hundreds of people at my gym or online.

The Barbell is my therapy and my gym is my fortress of solitude. I take great pleasure and joy in training and helping people to achieve great success in weightlifting. I’m happiest when I am applying my skills and knowledge to assist others to become stronger, healthier, and fitter.

Therefore, it seemed only logical to create my own website and YouTube channel to try and reach more people and help more to become the best they can be! MY GOAL is to help as many people as possible with powerlifting and strength training.

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