GreySkull Phrak Variant LP Program

Program Download GreySkull LP JH Variant 2023 Check out my NEW and improved Greyskull JH Variant program with the downloadable spreadsheet and YouTube Tutorial video.


YouTube Tutorial Video Buy Program Jim Wendler Books Below is the link to Jim Wendler’s Official books from his website:


Program Key Points There are three programs within the spreadsheet, choose the program that best suits your training goals. You add from 0-10lbs each week IF you complete all sets and reps for the main lifts (exercises that are not in italics). Add 5lbs (2.5kg) for the pressing exercises and 10lbs (5kg) for the Deadlift,Continue reading “THE JONNIE CANDITO LINEAR PROGRAM”


Bill Starr Introduction Bill Starr is a Strength Training icon and a former Olympian and Olympic Team Coach. He was one of the original York Barbell pioneers in the 1950’s and has inspired thousands of lifters and Strength and Conditioning guru’s over the past 70+ years. To name a few; Louie Simmons, Mark Rippetoe, andContinue reading “THE POPULAR BILL STARR ROUTINE”

My Improved Variant of GreySkull LP Prak Program

Introduction to GreySkull LP GreySkull Linear Program’s (LP) founding routes are pretty well known by now, but to cut a long story short the founder of the program Johnny Pain (John Sheaffer) ran the program ‘Starting Strength’ and found it completely subpar and lacking in many ways. Johnny therefore set out to rectify this byContinue reading “My Improved Variant of GreySkull LP Prak Program”


Program Introduction The program incorporates a 4 sets of 4 training session and 4 sets of 8 training session for all Main Lifts (squat, bench press, deadlift, and overhead press) and Secondary Lifts. It follows a Week A and B routine structure and the lifter will bench press three times per week for both AContinue reading “THE BEST 4-4-8 IVYSAUR VARIANT”

The Amazing Cube Kingpin Program

Introduction The cube method was created by a powerlifter called Brandon Lilly, he is by far one of the greatest powerlifters (raw and geared). From my knowledge his max raw lifts were 650.3lb Squat, 600lb Bench, and 815.7lb Deadlift and totaled 2000lbs on many occasions. Unfortunately due to a career ending injury he no longerContinue reading “The Amazing Cube Kingpin Program”

Dan Alexander 10 Week Powerlifting Peaking Program

Dan Alexander’s 10 week Powerlifting Peaking Program is designed to improve the 1RM of the squat, bench, and deadlift by 5%. Spread across the three lifts, this can result in a sizeable boost to a lifter’s total on the competition platform.

The Amazing TSA Powerlifting Programs

9 Week Beginner Program The Strength Athlete (TSA) released their 9 week beginner powerlifting program is a four day per week, nine week training program. In addition for anyone who’s using this program for a meet has a four week peaking routine. Exercises The exercises are split into what I perceive to be three categories;Continue reading “The Amazing TSA Powerlifting Programs”