Introduction to Powerlifting 101

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TSA Free Powerlifting Programs

9 Week Beginner Program The Strength Athlete (TSA) released their 9 week beginner powerlifting program is a four day per week, nine week training program. In addition for anyone who’s using this program for a meet has a four week peaking routine. Four training days per week Nine weeks per training cycle Squat 2x perContinue reading “TSA Free Powerlifting Programs”

Blaine Sumner Free Gorilla Squad Powerlifting Program

Introduction Blaine is an American world champion powerlifter from Conifer, Colorado – he is an absolute tank of a man!!! He weights about 385 pounds or 175 kilograms, aged 32 and competes Raw and single-ply. If you haven’t watched any of his lifts before check out the YouTube videos below. Blaine has been competing competitivelyContinue reading “Blaine Sumner Free Gorilla Squad Powerlifting Program”

Ed Coan 12 and 14 Week Peaking Powerlifting Programs

Introduction These are program’s I’ve used in the past, they are simple, to the point, no thrills, no fluff and no BS! These programs are flexible, adaptable and can be incorporated easily into your existing program (if you know what your doing!). Who is Ed Coan? Well if you don’t know then you must beContinue reading “Ed Coan 12 and 14 Week Peaking Powerlifting Programs”


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