Powerlifting Programs

Below is a list of all the best free powerlifting programs available on the web with our very own LiftPro reviews and helpful online sources to allow you to better understand how to run the programs efficiently and effectively. Firstly, if you’re new to powerlifting please check out this blog post called ‘Intro to Powerlifting 101′.


  1. Novice: Powerlifting less than 12 months, makes progress each training session, and makes mistakes inconsistently (different problems each time they attempt lifts).
  2. Intermediate: Powerlifting for six months to two years, makes progress weekly but not per training session, makes mistakes consistently (same problems each time)
  3. Advanced : Powerlifting for more than two years, requires multiple weeks to make progress, and has mastered technique.

Novice Powerlifter

Intermediate Powerlifter

Advanced Powerlifter

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