Bill Starr Introduction Bill Starr is a Strength Training icon and a former Olympian and Olympic Team Coach. He was one of the original York Barbell pioneers in the 1950’s and has inspired thousands of lifters and Strength and Conditioning guru’s over the past 70+ years. To name a few; Louie Simmons, Mark Rippetoe, andContinue reading “THE POPULAR BILL STARR ROUTINE”

The Amazing Bill Starr 5×5 Program

Introduction The Bill Starr LP (Linear Program) was originally created by Bill Starr in 1976 in his book ‘Strongest Shall Survive, Strength Training for Football’. Bill Starr was a former Olympian and Olympic Team Coach and was an original York Barbell pioneer in the 1950’s. The Starr-Man is said to be one of a handfulContinue reading “The Amazing Bill Starr 5×5 Program”