Boris Sheiko is a Russian Powerlifting coach and a legend in the powerlifting community. Boris is known for his selective coaching (he chooses you – you don’t choose him) and his demand for complete discipline and commitment from athletes he chooses to coach. His program’s are renowned for high volume training focusing on competition liftsContinue reading “A BORIS SHEIKO PROGRAM REVIEW (2021)”

nSuns 5/3/1 Linear Program Review (2021)

This is one of the few great things to come out of the internet, especially Reddit which is full of people who think they know everything about everything! Under the name of nSuns 531 on Reddit this training program appeared. It has quickly risen in the ranks of powerlifting programs and has been downloaded andContinue reading “nSuns 5/3/1 Linear Program Review (2021)”

KORTE 3×3 LP (2021 REVIEW)

Stephan Korte the creator of the Korte 3×3 program was a German powerlifting coach in the 1990s. He coached IPF Lifter Junior World Champions such as; Ralf Gierz and Michael Bruegger. Stephan was a single ply lifter who coached other single ply lifters. Therefore I must state this program was really designed with Ply equippedContinue reading “KORTE 3×3 LP (2021 REVIEW)”


Johnnie Candito is a fantastic powerlifter, I’ve always admired his impressive pound for pound strength whilst competing as a drug-free athlete. In addition, Johnnie has a gift at coaching powerlifters and creating great free powerlifting programs for all to enjoy. His program’s are highly rated and used by hundreds of thousands of lifters around theContinue reading “JOHNNIE CANDITO SIX WEEK INTERMEDIATE PROGRAM (2021)”


Stronglifts has taken off in recent year’s and has become the ‘Gym Bro’ program for those looking to start strength training. Personally; I don’t rate it highly nor like it very much. I think it’s a ‘poor mans’ Bill Starr. However, due to its popularity I decided to review the free spreadsheet version found onContinue reading “THE POPULAR STRONGLIFTS 5×5 PROGRAM”