Mark Bell’s 5 Week Bench Press Program

Introduction Mark Bell or affectionately known as ‘Smelly’, a nickname his brothers came up with because he hates showers as a kid. Mark is a record breaking powerlifter, owner of Super Training Gym and the inventor of Sling Shot®. This guy has his shit together! his best-equipped lifts were a 1,080lb squat, an 854lb benchContinue reading “Mark Bell’s 5 Week Bench Press Program”


Johnnie Candito is a fantastic powerlifter, I’ve always admired his impressive pound for pound strength whilst competing as a drug-free athlete. In addition, Johnnie has a gift at coaching powerlifters and creating great free powerlifting programs for all to enjoy. His program’s are highly rated and used by hundreds of thousands of lifters around theContinue reading “JOHNNIE CANDITO SIX WEEK INTERMEDIATE PROGRAM (2021)”

IVYSAUR 4-4-8 LP REVIEW (2021)

Ivysaur 4-4-8 appeared like so many other program’s on Reddit’s /r/fitness community by /u/ivysaur. The Ivysaur 4-4-8 Beginner Program was designed to expand and build upon the popular ‘set of five’ style training offering an alternative repxset scheme compared to the likes of; Stronglifts 5×5, Starting Strength, Bill Starr 5×5 and Madcow 5×5. Not too much is known aboutContinue reading “IVYSAUR 4-4-8 LP REVIEW (2021)”


Most people know Jim Wendler in the powerlifting community, if you don’t know who Jim Wendler is he’s the creator and author of the 5/3/1 Training Program. I used Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 program before, and surprisingly achieved some great results without being too taxed and burnt out!! The basis of 5/3/1 is as follows andContinue reading “JIM WENDER 5/3/1 PROGRAMS (2021) REVIEW”


Stronglifts has taken off in recent year’s and has become the ‘Gym Bro’ program for those looking to start strength training. Personally; I don’t rate it highly nor like it very much. I think it’s a ‘poor mans’ Bill Starr. However, due to its popularity I decided to review the free spreadsheet version found onContinue reading “THE POPULAR STRONGLIFTS 5×5 PROGRAM”