Introduction This program was inspired by my experience running nSuns 5/3/1 and Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1. I ran both programs successfully, however, I felt there needed to be a balance between the two. nSuns 5/3/1 for me was jus too ‘fiddly’ and excessive in terms of volume for a novice and early intermediate lifter. Jim Wendler’sContinue reading “JH 5/8/3 PROGRAM”

JH 8 Week Peaking Program

This is my eight week peaking program that consists of a volume phase and peaking phase each lasting four weeks. This program is better suited for novice-intermediate lifters and lifters who can handle higher work loads. It’s a linear program whereby the intensity increases week by week for the main lifts for each phase. EachContinue reading “JH 8 Week Peaking Program”

JH 5RM Novice Linear Program

Introduction This program is fantastic for Novice lifters, the program works off your 5 rep max and lasts for eight weeks. You train three times per week which allows sufficient time for you to recover during sessions. You squat and bench press three times per week, and deadlift once a week. However, you have twoContinue reading “JH 5RM Novice Linear Program”

Mark Bell’s 5 Week Bench Press Program

Introduction Mark Bell or affectionately known as ‘Smelly’, a nickname his brothers came up with because he hates showers as a kid. Mark is a record breaking powerlifter, owner of Super Training Gym and the inventor of Sling Shot®. This guy has his shit together! his best-equipped lifts were a 1,080lb squat, an 854lb benchContinue reading “Mark Bell’s 5 Week Bench Press Program”


The cube method was created by a powerlifter called Brandon Lilly, he is by far one of the greatest powerlifters (raw and geared). From my knowledge his max raw lifts were 650.3lb Squat, 600lb Bench, and 815.7lb Deadlift and totaled 2000lbs on many occasions. Unfortunately due to a career ending injury he no longer competesContinue reading “BRANDON LILLY CUBE PROGRAMS REVIEW (2021)”


This program has one of the two options (8 or 16 week) designed by Calgary Barbell’s Bryce Krawczyk. Bryce is an exceptional powerlifter who competes drug-free and has set and broken many records over his years of powerlifting. He is very easy to spot as he’s the guy with loads of tattoos and massive earContinue reading “CALGARY 16 WEEK WEEK INTERMEDIATE PROGRAM (2021)”


My choices are based on personal experiences and what I purchased as novice-intermediate lifter. ALL of my choices below are still in my possession and in great condition. I even still use the SBD wrist wraps and Strength Shop socks!!! I selected the below based on three criteria: Must be IPF, IPL, USAPL approved. AffordableContinue reading “BEGINNER POWERLIFTER STARTER KIT (2021)”

The Famous Free GreySkull LP Prak Variant Program

GreySkull Phrak Excel Spreadsheet GreySkull LP Phrak Variation Introduction GreySkull Linear Program’s (LP) founding routes are pretty well known by now, but to cut a long story short the founder of the program Johnny Pain (John Sheaffer) ran the program ‘Starting Strength’ and found it completely subpar and lacking in many ways. John therefore JohnContinue reading “The Famous Free GreySkull LP Prak Variant Program”