My Improved Variant of GreySkull LP Prak Program

Introduction to GreySkull LP GreySkull Linear Program’s (LP) founding routes are pretty well known by now, but to cut a long story short the founder of the program Johnny Pain (John Sheaffer) ran the program ‘Starting Strength’ and found it completely subpar and lacking in many ways. John therefore set out to rectify this byContinue reading “My Improved Variant of GreySkull LP Prak Program”


Introduction Smolov Jr. bench press and squat program are a condensed version of the Smolov 14 Week Squat Program. It lasts only three weeks and you can run the three week routine two times as long as you take a one week deload between each cycle. Smolov Jr. program is high frequency, you will beContinue reading “SMOLOV JR. BENCH PROGRAM REVIEW (2021)”


Introduction You might ask “I thought this guy only reviewed powerlifting programs….this is a powerbuilding program by definition”. Well Doug Hepburn is one of my hero’s and one of the greatest strength athletes in history. Douglas Ivan Hepburn or Doug for short was a Canadian national strength athlete and to this day is revered andContinue reading “DOUG HEPBURN PROGRAM A&B REVIEW (2021)”

USSR 1974 & 1976 SQUAT ROUTINE REVIEW (2021)

These routines were utilized for the 1976 Olympic Games by the USSR Weightlifting Team. To paint a picture of how successful this team was in the 1976 games they won seven of the nine available gold medals. Off the back of this success this came the “1976 USSR Weightlifting Yearbook”; the holy grail scripture usedContinue reading “USSR 1974 & 1976 SQUAT ROUTINE REVIEW (2021)”


Background into Lilliebridge The program was created from my understanding by the Lilliebridge family which includes; Ernie Lillibridge Sr., Ernie Lilliebridge JR and Eric Lilliebridge. This family of lifters have dominated both raw and geared lifting for many years and established quite a reputation. This program is not one of my favorites, I found aContinue reading “LILLIEBRIDGE METHOD PROGRAM REVIEW (2021)”


This program has one of the two options (8 or 16 week) designed by Calgary Barbell’s Bryce Krawczyk. Bryce is an exceptional powerlifter who competes drug-free and has set and broken many records over his years of powerlifting. He is very easy to spot as he’s the guy with loads of tattoos and massive earContinue reading “CALGARY 16 WEEK WEEK INTERMEDIATE PROGRAM (2021)”

The Amazing Bill Starr 5×5 Program

The Bill Starr LP (Linear Program) was originally created by Bill Starr in 1976 in his book ‘Strongest Shall Survive, Strength Training for Football’. Bill Starr was a former Olympian and Olympic Team Coach and was an original York Barbell pioneer in the 1950’s. The Starr-Man is said to be one of a handful ofContinue reading “The Amazing Bill Starr 5×5 Program”