Blaine Sumner Free Gorilla Squad Powerlifting Program

Introduction Blaine is an American world champion powerlifter from Conifer, Colorado – he is an absolute tank of a man!!! He weights about 385 pounds or 175 kilograms, aged 32 and competes Raw and single-ply. If you haven’t watched any of his lifts before check out the YouTube videos below. Blaine has been competing competitivelyContinue reading “Blaine Sumner Free Gorilla Squad Powerlifting Program”

Juggernaut Training Method Download (JMS)

Juggernaut Training Method Overview The Juggernaut Method System (referred to as JMS from now on) was designed by Chad Wesley Smith and its most appealing to Intermediate-advanced lifters because it follows a block periodization structure. It incorporates large amount of submaximal work to build capacity without frying the Central Nervous System (CNS). It’s a VERYContinue reading “Juggernaut Training Method Download (JMS)”